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A book by CJ Jones

"Being smarter doesn't make you a better person. Being a good human makes you a better person."

- James Randi

This book series is about you, and me, and people like us, who are Atheists. We are friends, families, and strangers who need support, but have to deal with those who put their beliefs ahead of our grief. The pages offer ideas on how to deal with these issues without the contemplation of fairy-tales or deities. No prayers, just pragmatic action based help.

The first book in the series is now available on KINDLE.

Or if you would prefer a hard copy, you can order the book from Amazon, for $19.95.

Godless Grief Book 2: Atheist Mourning coming soon. The second book focuses on loss primarily brought on through death.

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In 2001, my foster mother died while holding my hand. In 1980, a day before her birthday, John Lennon was killed. Both deaths impacted me, and held equal importance in shaping me to who I am today. There are days I still find myself weeping over the loss of a pet I had when I was a small child, because I felt, at the time, I had lost the only thing in my life that wasn't judging me. In 1998, I lost my ability to live as a "normal" person, because of a genetic disorder. Our grief is directly related to our experiences of loss in life.


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